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We are An African HR consulting firm with a global outlook making a difference across industries and geographies.

Our set of corporate values give us direction, shape our culture and supports our vision.

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Who we are

We are a leading HR consultancy and people practice that was founded with a focus on empowering businesses and their people through the provision of unrivalled and innovative Human Resource solutions to meet the current and future demands of the workplace.

We believe in the prosperity of Africa and partner with you to support your businesses and people to thrive amidst these unprecedented times. We recognise the challenges that this presents and help you make informed decisions on your human capital. At CarvinClay, we have a proven track record of providing world-class professional HR services that are based on our technical expertise, strategic insights, human resource competence, knowledge of industries and geographies, as well as empirical research.

We are an African company with an understanding of the African Market. These offer us the opportunity to work with businesses across different industries, sectors, and geographies as well as support professionals at different stages of their career.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the human resource practice across the African continent and the globe, CarvinClay is well-positioned to be your preferred and competent HR partner of choice in helping you build rewarding organisational structures, policy development, compliance against statutory regulations, compensation, employee rewards and engagement, among many other strategic HR support services.

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Our History

CarvinClay People Development was founded with the vision to support African businesses to be transgenerational and sustainable by providing unmatched HR support that enables them to survive in the ever-changing world of work.

The name “CarvinClay” symbolises the African art of carving wood and moulding clay. Just as wood and clay is shaped under the guiding hands of a skilful sculptor, CarvinClay finds, moulds and shapes professionals into high performing talent and shapes organisations through their human capital management to build successful businesses.

As a HR generalist at heart, International Human Capital Expert and Founder, Irene Asare started CarvinClay People Development with a unique sense of purpose to shape the workforce of today that stems from two and half decades of strategic experience in improving efficiency for many companies across multiple geographies and industry sectors.

What We Value

Our set of corporate values give us direction, shape our culture and support our vision.

Our Approach

We adopt a strategic approach that compels us to get you results!


We will not hang you out to dry! We support you every step of the way.



We understand and appreciate the power of collaboration and always adopt it in our engagement.

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Mission Statement

To redefine the role of Human Capital Management in becoming a strategic business partner to organisations through the provision of innovative HR solutions.

Vision Statement

To be the preferred Human Capital partner in Africa by 2030.


Our People

Our people are at the heart of our business. We are proud to have some of the continent’s best Human Resources practitioners who have multi-geographical exposure and extensive experience. Our diverse, innovative and highly professional team of experts make us your most reliable and competent HR business partner.
Full Bio

Nixon Amoah-Awuah

Managing Director

Nixon is the Managing Director at CarvinClay People Development responsible for providing strategic direction to the business and driving business growth.

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Dr. Vandyck Lomotey

Learning & Development Consultant

Vandyck operates as the Learning and Development (L&D) Consultant and leads the HR Mentoring Programme with Irene Asare.

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Antonia Mensah

HR Consultant

Antonia operates as an HR Consultant at CarvinClay. She works closely with the Founder and Managing Partner to initiate and develop key elements of the company’s offerings to ensure valuable services to clients.

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Irene Asare

Founder and Non-Exec Director

Irene is the Founder and a Non-Executive Director of CarvinClay People Development, and currently the HR Director and a Board Member at BBC News.

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