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Our advisory services are complementary; as such, we work with you and your internal teams to objectively identify and review your current human capital needs in order to devise strategies to speedily and accurately address them. As consultants, we do not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach to human capital management and understand that each organisation is on its unique journey.

Why You Need

HR advisory Support

As consultants, we provide objective and unbiased insights into your internal environment to diagnose and prescribe relevant solutions that minimises operational cost in the long-term and safeguards against future liabilities. Our range of advisory services addresses a wide array of organisational challenges regardless of where you are in your growth journey – that is, we provide support for entry, contracting, diagnosis, data collection, feedback, implementation, and so on. Our support is geared towards;

  1. Identifying key challenges and provide requested insights and information
  2. Identifying solutions to key challenges
  3. Conducting diagnosis that may redefine the challenge
  4. Providing recommendations and insights
  5. Assisting in implementation
  6. Building consensus, commitment and team building among employees
  7. Facilitating client learning
  8. Improving organisational effectiveness

Our advisory services include:



We advise you on how to put together a robust onboarding process that integrates new joiners seamlessly to the organisation. This being the beginning of the new employee's journey in an organisation, it is important to ensure you and your newest employee are well equipped to add positively to the organisation.


Policy development/

employee handbooks

We also offer advisory and implementation support for a full range of HR policies and procedures to fit your organisational needs. This includes support with policies on recruitment and selection, code of conduct, equality and diversity, work from home, learning and development, compensation, rewards etc. to name a few. Furthermore, we also work with organisations to develop HR manuals and employee handbooks in both unionised and non-unionised environments. Where you already have HR policies in place, we also provide review and revisory services to ensure that you operate in compliance and meet the needs of the changing work environment.


Performance management

We help our clients put robust performance management structures that help organisations manage the company and employee performance. We work with our clients to put policies and procedures in place to drive a strong performance culture in an organisation.


Talent management

We leverage our talent management experience and insight to support clients in developing structures to identify top talent and retain and develop them for leadership positions.


Learning and Development

We work with our clients to implement learning and development initiatives to build competencies required to deliver business goals and the company vision. We conduct employees training needs analysis as well as identify and implement solutions to bridge competency gaps.


Compensation, Benefits

and recognition

At CarvinClay, we work with you to develop an appealing reward philosophy and ensure that your reward and recognition schemes are able to attract and retain top talents. We support with salary benchmarking, salary reviews, benefits review and recognition schemes.


Employee Relations

We also help you to deal with grievances and disciplinary issues as well as manage engagements with Trade Unions.


Employee experience

We move beyond just creating clear policies and processes to developing the right culture, technological support and enabling workspace to gain a competitive advantage over peers in talent attraction and retention. We work with you to diagnose the following critical elements of your setup and develop practical solutions to improve the employee experience.

  • Organisational culture
  • Technology
  • Workspace
  • Employee Wellbeing


Organisational & HR Transformation

In the wake of COVID-19, we have partnered many companies’ downsizing and upskilling efforts to reduce operational cost and increase organisational robustness through our advisory services. Our goal is to help you review your operations and implement measures to remain sustainable in the long term. We also advise and can lead on your redundancy and change management programmes by engaging with employee representative groups, trade unions where required in order to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. Furthermore, we also help organisations to set up their HR functions as well as transform existing ones. We do this by analysing the core HR areas and design systems, processes, and policies to promote HR efficiency in an organisation. To do so, we undertake the following;

  • HR and Organisational diagnostics
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Cost Reduction & Redundancies
  • HR team restructuring- restructure of the team/ skills and competencies
  • Change Management
  • Organisational Development

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