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for People and Organisations

CarvinClay People Development provides premium support that delivers pragmatic solutions for people and organisations. We cater to the needs of businesses and individuals at various stages of the corporate life cycle.


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changing dynamics

The world’s workforce and economy are changing. Our current knowledge will not be enough to take us boldly into the future.

The relentless drive to continuously improve business performance through human capital has placed HR policies and processes at the heart of successful performance. An engaged and productive workforce, can make the difference between an organisation’s success or failure. CarvinClay advisory and consultation services will help you boost efficiency and achieve measurable improvements.

HR Advisory & Consultancy Services

Honest, clear, practical and innovative solutions are required to implement strategies successfully.

HR Advisory Consultancy

We provide honest, clear, and actionable HR Advisory and Consulting Services by ensuring quality assurance through monitoring and evaluation for an efficient and robust implementation that is value-added to your business.

HR Business Partnership

We are your business partners for HR services. Our proven methods and perspectives help businesses transform their HR departments into well-tuned organisations that drive profits, employee satisfaction, and ultimately success.

Performance Management

Performance management processes enable organisations to monitor, evaluate and improve employee performance. We've invested countless hours in finding proven approaches to increasing employee performance.

Employee Engagement

Our CarvinClay proprietary employee engagement model is built on the fundamentals of human motivation and psychology; it was built to be customizable to help any organization boost employee engagement.

Career Guidance

Every employee would like a map for the potential of their career. We help organisations chart those maps so that they can attract, retain and improve key talent.

Training & Development

The difference between average and great employee training programmes is the ultimate success of your company. We conduct organizational analyses and the results to provide customized training solutions


CarvinClay is able to ensure that you are legally compliant with your HR practices, we make sure you stay on the right side of employment legislation.

HR Policies and Procedures

HR policies are a critical foundation for your company. Unstable foundations drive bad business results. We help organisations conduct audits on their existing HR policies and procedures to drive transformational results.

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We have carefully crafted the right environment, platform, client experiences and strategies that can morph struggling and plateauing businesses into market leaders.