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Team Effectiveness

High performing teams are built around a strong purpose, a culture of psychological safety, and high levels of trust, as well as some key capabilities when it comes to collaboration, communication and teamwork. Our trainers have helped teams in some of the largest organisations in Africa to take their performance to the next level by focusing on these core elements.

Personal and Professional Development Skills

For you and your organisation to stay ahead of the curve in a VUCA world, you need to constantly grow and develop your capabilities. Our Personal and Professional skills training solution cover a vast array of critical capabilities, all of which will allow you to be the best in class when it comes to areas such as communication, networking, innovation, influencing, personal impact, conducting meetings, and time management.

Cultural Intelligence, Diversity and Inclusion

While there is increasing recognition of the business case for culturally inclusive work settings, there is a critical lack of understanding about how to achieve this. Cultural inclusion requires a different set of competencies A culturally inclusive work setting requires a culturally intelligent workforce and leadership. This is why our cultural intelligence, diversity and inclusion training solution is designed to work with you and your team to transfer the foundation knowledge, skills, and mindsets required to work effectively with culturally diverse stakeholders and to foster culturally inclusive work settings.

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