A collection of courses for professionals at every level that are specifically aimed at developing your leadership ambitions. We offer courses focusing on midcareer, senior and executive-level leadership development. For early- career professionals, we have programmes and masterclasses that cater to your growth and an HR Academy for HR practitioners. Each of our courses is specifically designed to maximise your potential.


Leadership Development Programmes

CarvinClay’s collection of leadership development programmes are carefully crafted and designed to meet the requirements of the future leader in and out of Africa. We offer impactful lessons and innovative learning solutions, administered through video, webinars and case studies and supported with key resources to make your learning engaging and interactive while meeting your specific development needs.

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SLP: Shaping Leaders Programme

Transitioning from Technical Expert or manager to leadership!

As mid-career managers, successfully navigating the transition from technical expert to leader and change agent can be challenging. CarvinClay offers a blended online and offline learning path designed to transform you into the all-around leader you aspire to be. Supported by a development plan, this programme ideal for mid-career professionals looking to progress and build a long-term network. This class features practical resources such as case studies, continued mentorship, and access to renowned leadership speakers.

This programme can also be taken 100% online.

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XDP: Executive Leaders Programme

Giving executives the leadership insights and preparation to guide businesses in an ever-changing environment.

As an Executive leader, it is important that your development is completely bespoke in nature. The key driver for the programme is to ensure that you are able to confidently influence and set direction on business and people challenges facing your organisation. The duration of this programme is aligned to meet the needs of our executives.

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MLP: Moulding Leaders Programme

The programme designed specifically for early career professionals to thrive in the business world.

Mainly online in nature, the MLP is designed for the early career professional looking to develop their leadership capabilities, at their own time and pace. Consisting of webinars, conference calls, case studies, video resources, this programme will challenge you. Forcing you out of your comfort zone and preparing you to take the bold step into the next phase of your career.


What you will learn!
- You will be equipped with competencies to be able to effectively and confidently navigate leadership scenarios.
- You will learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others and use your influence to positively impact your organisation.

- The desire to be an influential leader!
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HR Academy

Are you an existing or aspiring HR practitioner, you have come to the right place to continue to develop your career. Welcome to the CarvinClay HR Academy.

Led by Irene Asare one of the most influential HR professionals in Africa, who has designed several Masterclasses to help practitioners excel within their field.

Each course is conducted in a personalised and interactive online workshop setting with practical case studies and exercises. Delegates will walk away with global best practices, fresh ideas and customised solutions for implementation at their organisations.


Masterclass Series

CarvinClay’s HR Masterclass Series is committed to being a trusted learning partner of HR practitioners throughout Africa and beyond.

Here are just a few examples of courses

  • HR Analytics and Decision making,
  • Strategic HR Business Partner
  • Performance management for the 4th Industrial revolution - Employee Experience- Employee Engagement and more.

You can decide to take one programme, one module, a combination, or all of them. It’s completely up to you, learning at your pace.



“When you think of a mentor, you usually think of a trusted advisor, confidant, cheerleader and support system. Mentoring is a longer-term relationship, sustainable through the good, bad, highs and lows. A mentor is meant to be there through it all.” -Irene Asare

The award winning HR mentoring programme is run annually. A competitive rigorous process to complete to be accepted on the programme. Access to seasoned HR senior professionals as mentors and resource personnel. As well as being part of an exclusive HR fraternity and network. Exposure to CEO’s business leaders and much more.

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