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We leverage on our expertise and insights to provide end-to-end HR solutions to clients covering all HR functional areas. We work with our clients to understand what they need and develop a specific plan on how to implement them. We work with organisations that are new on the African continent, acting as their key liaison for getting their core HR systems and functions set up. We also offer HR solutions for businesses already established in Africa. This may involve a range of service offerings based on the needs of each client.

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We support our clients to put a very robust onboarding process that integrates new joiners seamlessly to the organisation. This being the beginning of the journey of the new employee in an organisation, it is important to ensure they are well equipped to add positively to the organisation.

Policy Development/Employee Handbooks

HR policies and procedures

We develop a full range of HR policies and procedures to fit the needs of organisations. This includes recruitment and selection, code of conduct, equality and diversity, work from home, learning and development, reward etc. We also work with organisations to develop HR manuals and employee handbooks in both unionised and non-unionised environments. For our clients that already have HR policies in place, we review and revise them to ensure that they meet the needs of the changing work environment and are compliant with applicable laws and legislations.

Performance Management

Performance Management

We help our clients put in place robust performance management structures that help organisations manage company and employee performance. We work with our clients to put in place policies and procedures to drive a strong performance culture in an organisation.

Talent Management


We leverage on our talent management experience and insight to support clients develop structures to identify top talent, retain and develop them for leadership positions.

Compensation, Benefits And Recognition


It is essential for organisations to have a competitive reward and recognition system. At CarvinClay, we work with business to develop an appealing reward philosophy and ensure their reward and recognition schemes are able to attract and retain top talents. We support with salary benchmarking, salary reviews, benefits review and recognition schemes.

Learning And Development

Learning and Development

We work with our clients to implement learning and development initiatives to build competencies required to deliver business goals and the company vision. We conduct employees training needs analysis as well as identify and implement solutions to bridge competency gaps.


Employee Relations

Employee Relations
It is important for organisations to maintain harmony at the work place to ensure ultimate focus on business goals. We help clients to deal with grievances and disciplinary issues as well as manage engagements with Trade Unions.

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