Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching have been identified as indispensable tools in talent and leadership development. This is why 71% of Fortune 500 companies have a formal mentoring programme.


The CarvinClay Mentoring

and Coaching Programme


Our Programme is a structured learning experience that supports the development and growth of mid-senior managers. Reflective questioning, open dialogue, coaching strategies, guided reflection and focused learning conversations are key components of our programmes. We offer confidential independent mentors or coaches to discuss issues and test ideas around leadership, performance and careers. Programmes are delivered in-person or virtual and are strategically designed to achieve key outcomes sought. We combine one-to-one mentoring with a range of professional development offerings to assist mentees to:

Develop and prepare for the next steps in their career and leadership journeys.

Gain insights into their unique value proposition as professionals and leaders.

Foster connections with influential business leaders.

Our Approach

Because we understand what it takes to develop potential and shape leaders, we utilise a detailed process to carefully identify and personally connect participants to our unparalleled network of mentors and coaches. Our trusted network includes some of the most well-respected professionals in Africa and globally, ranging across industries, experience and sectors. They are executives, qualified coaches, company directors, managing partners, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our Offerings

Our mentoring programmes are offered either as a standalone developmental programme or supplementary with other talent management and development interventions. They can specifically be tailored to meet your organisational needs and support key HR initiatives such as: Executive and Senior Managers Development Programme.
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • New Managers and Supervisors Programme
  • Graduate Trainee Programme
  • Leadership Development Programme
  • High Performers Retention Programme
  • Executive and Senior Managers Development Programme

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