Training & Leadership Development

CarvinClay brings credibility and experience to providing learning and leadership development programmes to our clients throughout Africa. With a deep understanding of the critical importance of exceptional client service, personal care, attention to detail and a nuanced understanding of different contextual needs, we are positioned to become your reliable partner in delivering high impact learning and leadership development programmes.

We have worked with esteemed brands across Africa to design, develop and facilitate qualitative training programmes that inspire excellence in those who we have had the privilege of working with as a partner. We offer a variety of programmes, designed to meet your organisations unique needs so that your organisation can thrive in the ever-changing world of work and promote a high-performance culture.

Our Approach

Through our empirical processes, we are able to immerse ourselves within the environment of each client. We work with you to understand your developmental needs and business goals to craft learning programmes that build the requisite competencies and skills of your team. Our in-depth understanding, coupled with our rigorous design, development, and delivery processes, ensure a high-impact learning and development experience.

Customised Learning and Training Solutions

When industry leaders in Africa think of leadership and people development, they think about CarvinClay. This is because we understand what it takes to develop and shape leaders. Our wealth of experience across diverse industries, sectors, and differing cultural contexts make us an ideal partner for your learning and leadership needs.

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Structured Leadership Development Programmes

Managers of all levels and experience face unprecedented challenges when it comes to managing diverse teams. Together with the China Europe International School (CEIBS) Africa, our cutting-edge Leadership Development solutions is designed to help managers develop the mindset, knowledge, and skills they need to take their own and their team’s performance to the next level. Focusing on critical core leadership capabilities, we can help new managers, mid-level managers, as well as senior and executive managers, to successfully navigate the ever-increasingly complex challenges of leading a team in today’s world.

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What to expect

High-impact learning

CarvinClay’s training and leadership development programmes are customized to achieve specific objectives, with content tailored by industry, company and role. Participants understand exactly how the training connects to their jobs.

Subject mastery

We start by providing a strong foundation, layer on more complex concepts and reinforce learning with exercises to maximize retention.

An interactive experience

We don’t just lecture. Our experts use a variety of delivery methods and creative approaches, including simulations, gaming and small-group learning, to keep programs engaging and fun.

Energy and inspiration

Feedback consistently demonstrates that employees who participate in CarvinClay’s programmes are more engaged and feel reinvigorated and supported as they sharpen their skills.