Enhancing business

performance and

perfecting potential

CarvinClay’s service offering is to make today’s organisations, business leaders and workforce agile, adaptable and ready for the future of work.

CarvinClay is about

Changing the game

We provide HR solutions that are future-focused and help build the new professional environment. The team is fully equipped with decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience making us uniquely suited to tackle this change. We are passionate about guiding businesses through transformations and playing our part in crafting the future of African leadership. With our expert-driven advisory consultancy, we are well-positioned to be the partner of choice.

We harness the power of in-person and virtual interaction to answer specific questions and offer growth-oriented solutions. We create necessary structures to implement, monitor and evaluate the application of international best practices that are grounded in a firm understanding of the local context.

We seek to develop, nurture and enable more effective leaders who are able to identify, with our support, areas of self-development to challenge themselves and others. We change negative attitudes and mindsets in organisations and professionals that stifle growth and hinder productivity, introducing the positive leadership qualities that facilitate efficiency and progress.

CarvinClay is unique, led by real human resource expertise with significant exposure globally and locally, daring to challenge the status quo of how the African business and leader operate for long term viability. Creating credible, transgenerational businesses with the right leadership.

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Our Clients

Our Story

CarvinClay was founded based on a vision to see African businesses, leaders and people reach their full potential.

African businesses have a great opportunity as more focus is being placed on the continent. We are growing and there is an increasing amount of pressure for us to partake in the globalised economy. The business environment has shifted, more rapidly than we could have imagined. An opportunity emerges for businesses and people to be part of the new wave of trendsetters.

Just as clay must undergo a complete transformation under the guiding hands of a skilful potter, we find mould and shape professionals into high performing talent and organisations into market leaders.

Our team has been exposed to several scenarios and have experience dealing with both national and international organisations. The passion to develop people and enable businesses to perform better and have longevity is why we do what we do!

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We believe that the future of Africa and organisations is dependent upon having a fully equipped, engaged and motivated workforce. At CarvinClay we believe that people are the future, leadership can be learnt and that transformation begins with one small step.

What We Value

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Our Approach


CarvinClay will engage you.


We will always work collaboratively with you, after all it is your business.


We will come up with the best solutions for you business needs.


CarvinClay will assist you in applying the best strategy.


CarvinClay will support you all the way!


Healthy leadership empowers people

CarvinClay is driven by Irene Asare, a high-impact business leader who has successfully led many business transformations and change programmes in industries such as Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Banking, Retail, Real Estate, Science, Manufacturing and Research.

She has held several strategic executive human resources, organisational effectiveness and change management leadership positions across Europe and Africa.

Irene’s experience puts her in a prime position to provide the right advice and support for organisations wanting to optimise and enhance their performance and increase their bottom line.

She believes that within the next decade the dynamics of the workplace as we know it will have drastically evolved, the key enabler being technology and only those organisations and leaders who prepare themselves will be positioned to handle the change.